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Scientific program NPC 2018

Wednesday April 18th.

09:00-10:00    Registration at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Bergen


10:00-12:00    Workshop Protein identification (Dræggen 1)

11:00-11:20    Coffee break


12:00-13:00    Lunch


13:00-14:00    Workshop Protein identification continues (Dræggen 1)

14:00-14:20    Coffee break and registration



14:20-18:00    Workshop MaxQuant (Dræggen 3)

16:00-16:20    Coffee break

14:20-18:00    Workshop Protein identification continues (Dræggen 1)

16:00-16:20    Coffee break

Thursday April 19th.

All lectures will be in Kongesal 3-4


08:30-09:00    Registration at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Bergen


09:00-09:50    Introduction and overview of proteomics in the Nordic countries.                

                         Short presentations by the presidents of the four Nordic Proteomics Societies.

09:00-09:20    Welcome and presentation of the Norwegian proteomics society by Frode Berven, President of the

                         Norwegian Proteomics Society

09:20-09:30    Overview of the Swedish Proteomics Society by Sven Kjellström, President of the Swedish Proteomics Society

09:30-09:40    Overview of the Finish Proteomics Society by Maciej Lalowski, President of the Finish Proteomics Society

09:40-09:50    Overview of the Danish Proteomics Society by Ole Nørregaard Jensen, President of the Danish Proteomics



09:50-12:00    Bioinformatics in proteomics

09:50-10:20    Main lecture by Jürgen Cox. The MaxQuant and Perseus Computational Platforms for Comprehensive Analysis

                         of Large-scale (Prote)Omics Data


10:20-10:50    Coffee break, Posters, Vendor exhibition and mingling


10:50-11:00    Harald Barsnes. CSF-PR 2.0: an interactive literature guide to quantitative cerebrospinal fluid mass spectrometry

                         data from neurodegenerative disorders.

11:00-11:10    Bram Burger. What do pathway databases (not) contain: An exploration of Reactome.


11:10-11:20    Niina Lietzén. Characterization and non-parametric modeling of the developing serum proteome during early


11:20-11:30    Magnus Ø. Arntzen. Metaproteomics: Unique challenges and opportunities.

11:30-11:40    Bernd Thiede. Customized databases for the identification of protein species-specific peptides.


11:40-12:00    Presentation by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Best of both: a novel hybrid PRM/DIA method on the Q Exactive HF-X”.                           Simonas Savickas, Dept. of Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Technical University of Denmark.



12:00-13:00    Lunch


13:00-13:40    Posters, Vendor exhibition and mingling


13:40-16:00    Proteomics in health and disease

13:40-14:00    Presentation by Sciex. Investigation of cancer cell models to inform beta-blocker use as a breast cancer

                         therapeutic. Dr David Boocock Group Leader of the Clinical Proteomics group, John van Geest Cancer Research

                         Centre Nottingham Trent University.


14:00-14:30    Main lecture by Gyorgy Marco-Varga. Cancer moonshot center Lund Sweden.

14:30-14:40    Alicia Lundby. High-resolution proteomics study of live human heart samples reveals chamber-specific

                         differences and high abundance of disease proteins.

14:40-14:50    Jorunn Stamnaes. Proteome dynamics of celiac small intestine in response to gluten challenge.


14:50-15:10    Coffee break, Posters, Vendor exhibition and mingling


15:10-15:20    Kenneth Finne. Laser capture microdissection and proteomics analysis of the tumor microenvironment in

                         breast cancer.

15:20-15:40    Sven Kjellström. Wound fluid Peptidomics.

15:40-15:50    Ragnhild Reehorst Lereim. Establishment of absolute parallel reaction monitoring assays against Multiple

                          sclerosis biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid.

15:50-16:10    Johan Gobom. A novel quantification-driven proteomic strategy identifies an endogenous peptide of

                         pleiotrophin as a new biomarker of Alzheimer's disease    


16:10-17:00    Posters, Vendor exhibition and mingling


17:00-17:45    Annual meeting for the Norwegian Proteomics Society.


18:30-             Walking from Radisson Bryggen to Fløibanen for conference dinner.

18:45-19:00    Transport with Fløibanen to the top of mount Fløien.

19:00-19:30    Apéritif at Fløien Folkerestaurant

19:30-             Dinner Fløien Folkerestaurant

~22:30            Transport by Fløibanen back down to the city



Friday April 20th

09:00-12:00    Proteomics applications, methods and technology

09:00-09:30    Main lecture by Sophia Hober. The Human Protein Atlas - strategies, technologies and results

09:30-10:10    Fridtjof Lund-Johansen. Array-based antibody validation.

10:10-10:20    Victor Greiff. Dissecting antibody repertoires using systems immunogenomics.


10:20-11:00    Coffee break, posters, Vendor exhibition and mingling


11:00-11:10    Hanne Haslene-Hox. Proteomic profiling of circulating Extracellular Vesicles: a window into the brain in

                         neuropsychiatric disease.

11:10-11:20    Henriette Engen Berg. Development of nanoLC column technology for proteomic studies.

11:20-11:40    Ole Nørregaard Jensen. Elucidation of histone proteoform dynamics during aging by using middle-down mass



11:40-12:00    Presentation by Promega. The Ever Growing Mass Spec Sample Prep Toolbox. Michael Rosenblatt. Group Leader

                         Mass Spectrometry (Promega Corporation). University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


12:00-13:00    Lunch


13:00-16:00    Post translational modifications, qualitative and quantitative proteomics

13:00-13:10    Presentation by Bruker. timsTOF Pro/PASEF – the premier solution for Proteomics. Michael Greig Director US

                         Pharma/Biopharma Business Life Science Mass Spectrometry   


13:10-13:40    Main talk by Jesper Olsen. Dissecting Cell Signaling Networks by Quantitative Phosphoproteomics.

13:40-13:50    Maria Hernandez-Valladares. MS-based phosphosproteomics on acute myeloid leukemia patient samples.

13:50-14:00    Natalia Battchikova. Interplay of the SpkG kinase and the Slr0151 protein in phosphorylation of Ferredoxin 5 in

                         Synechocystis 6803.

14:00-14:10    Daniela M. Pampanin. Screening for naphthalene and chrysene protein adducts in plasma of exposed Atlantic

                         cod (Gadus morhua).


14:10-14:50    Coffee break, Posters, Vendor exhibition and mingling.


14:50-15:10    Maciej Lalowski. Characterizing the key metabolic pathways of the neonatal mouse heart using a quantitative

                         combinatorial omics approach.

15:10-15:20    Magnus E. Jakobsson. Site-specific methylation of eEF1A shapes the  proteome

15:20-15:30    Adrian Drazic. Proteomics analyses reveal that actin is N-terminal acetylated by NAA80 – a novel regulator of

                         cytoskeleton dynamics.

15:30-15:40    Eva Veiseth-Kent. Muscle protein expression profiles affected by growth hormone treatment in cattle.

15:40-15:50    Richard Kumaran Kandasamy. Quantitative proteomics to study the dynamics of antiviral and inflammatory


15:50-16:00    End of the conference – President of the Norwegian Proteomics Society, Frode Berven

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