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Dear Colleagues,


We are thrilled to invite you to the coming Nordic Proteomics Conference, NPC 2018, April 18th-20th. The conference is located on the west coast of Norway in the beautiful city of Bergen. The conference provides workshops on the first day giving excellent educational opportunities followed by a strong scientific program presented over two days by top lecturers. The latest research, technology and methodology will be presented during this part of the conference.


The main goals of the conference are to give an overview of the newest and most exiting Nordic research in the field of proteomics, provide an arena for interactions within the Nordic proteomics societies and being an arena to meet people with common interest for possible initiations of new collaborations. There will be several time slots dedicated for vendor and social interactions, poster viewing, and meeting the speakers to see these goals reached.

The Conference dinner will take place at the restaurant ( on the top of Mount Fløien with view over the city center. There will be served a buffet with a large variety of food to choose from. The mountain train "Fløibanen" from the city center to the mountain top is included in the dinner package. Below you can find a picture of "Fløibanen".

We hope to see you there!


On behalf of the NPC 2018 organization team,

Frode Berven, President of the Norwegian Proteomics Society.

The Conference hotell, Radisson Blue, is located to the left in this Picture of Bergen harbour.

Picture copyright: Bergen Reiselivslag - Picture by: Robin Strand. 

Fløibanen, this is the mountiain train going from the city center to the top of Mount Fløien. A well know tourist attraction in Bergen. Copyright: Fløibanen AS, Fløibanen. Picture by Pål Hoff -


Scientific Program

It is our pleasure to present a strong and interesting scientific program for NPC2018. The first day of the conference, April 18th, will focus on workshops in bioinformatics and it will be possible to select between the two workshops "Introduction to proteomics data analysis" and "Introduction to the MaxQuant and Perseus software platforms". The two main days of the conference, April 19th-20th, will through presentations of leading scientists cover subjects like PTMs, clinical/disease-based proteomics, quantitative proteomics, protein mapping, bioinformatics and give an overview of the proteomics research in the Nordic countries. A goal is to give many people the opportunity to orally present their research early on in the conference and thereby make it easier for people with common interests to meet during the many mingling opportunities given during NPC2018.  


Gyorgy Marco-Varga, Lund, Sweden

Jesper Olsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ole Nørregaard Jensen, Odense, Denmark

Maciej Lalowski Helsinki, Finland

Sven Kjellström, Lund, Sweden

Workshop content: Introduction to proteomics data analysis

Mass spectrometry based proteomic experiments generate ever larger datasets and, as a consequence, complex data interpretation challenges. In this course, the concepts and methods required to tackle these

challenges will be introduced. The course will focus on protein identification and take the participant from the handling of the raw data to the statistical analysis of the identification data. The course will rely exclusively on free and user friendly software, all of which can be directly applied in your lab upon your return from the


Introduction to the MaxQuant and Perseus software platforms

This workshop provides an introduction to the computational proteomics platform MaxQuant and the downstream bioinformatics platform Perseus. The first part provides theory and background information to the workflows and algorithms while the second part is hands-on and participants will be able to apply the tools to some real-world examples.

Practical Information

Location and Accommodation


The conference will take place at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel at the Harbor in Bergen. All lunches are included in the conference fee. Here is a link to the hotel:


It is possible to book hotel room at Radisson Blu Royal through the booking page. For other hotels the participants should make their own arrangements.

Bergen Harbour in the area of the conference venue.

Picture copyright: Bergen Reiselivslag - Picture by:Bergen Reiselivslag / Robin Strand.

Practical Information

Exhibition & Sponsorship

Join the NPC 2018

Get an overview of proteomics in the Nordic countries.

The conference will provide an overview of the proteomics research going on in the Nordic countries.

Maximized Interactions

Enjoy privileged interaction with the Nordic proteomics societies in a confined environment. There will be a focus on providing sufficient time for social and scientific interactions.

Enhanced Visibility

This conference will be a good opportunity for your company to reach both the next generation of proteomics leaders as well as established leaders in the field in the Nordic countries.

A strong Scientific program

There will be a strong Scientific program that will cover many of the important Nordic research areas in proteomics. It is possible for vendors to contribute with a presentation during the Scientific program (Gold sponsors).

Exhibition and Sponsorship


Registration is open!

Important Deadlines

  Abstract Submission: February 15th, 2018

  Early registration: February 15, 2018

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