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Welcome to the Norwegian Proteomics Society 

The Norwegian Proteomics Society (NPS) is an organization for researchers in Norway with interest in proteomics. NPS shall work towards promoting and stimulating proteomics research and education, as well as enhancing collaboration between the proteomics researchers in Norway. NPS also collaborate with similar societies in other countries. 
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Nordic Proteomics meeting
In the fall of 2023 we encourage all NPS members to come together for a Nordic meeting on proteomics. This will be arranged in Lund, Sweden. More info will come later.
5th International Metaproteomics Symposium
Avignon - France, April 25-27.
Workshop on Integrativ
e multi-omics in Galaxy on April 24.
shop on Mass spectrometry for Metaproteomics on April 28.
More info here.

BSPR-EuPA 2023
Newcastle upon Tyne, July 17-20.
More info here.
News from the European Proteomics Association (EuPA)

07.03.23: EuPA elections. Elections for all seven core members of EuPA's Executive Committee will be carried out in 2023. All positions are elected for a three-year term, starting on 1 January 2024, and ending on 31 December 2026. A brief description of each of the corresponding functions is available here: EuPA is now welcoming self-nominations from interested candidates for each of these seven positions. A self-nomination should include a brief (max half page) CV and a motivational statement (max half page). Self-nominations should be emailed to the EuPA Secretary (Patricia Lefèvre; and EuPA's Elections Chair (Prof. Dr. Rainer Bischoff; by the deadline of Monday 10 April 2023. Do note that EuPA elections follow a two-step procedure, and that the self-nominations will be forwarded to EuPA's National Societies, who will then choose independently which candidates to nominate for each position. Self-nominations may or may not be retained at this stage. Also note that the National Societies can opt to nominate candidates which have not self-nominated. Finally, elected members are expected to join the current Executive Committee in their weekly online meetings from September 2023 onwards to ensure a smooth transition. The full procedure and timeline for EuPA's elections is provided below. 6 MARCH 2023 - Open the EuPA Executive Committee elections & call for self-nominations. 10 APRIL 2023 - Deadline for self-nominations to be send to EuPA Secretary and Elections Chair 17 APRIL 2023 - Self-nominations are sent to the EuPA National Societies for their information. 28 APRIL 2023 - National Societies nominate their candidates (up to three nominees for each role; maximum one nominee per role from the own National Society) and send their nominations to the EuPA secretary and Elections Chair 2 MAY 2023 - Confirmation of nominated candidates for each role (top three nominees per role; ex aquo nominations can lead to more than three nominees for a role) and obtaining nominees' formal approval to stand for election, and to accept post if elected. 8 MAY 2023 - Collect nominees' motivational statement (where still necessary) and send all final documents to the National Societies for preparation of their votes. 27 JUNE 2023 - Online election meeting of the EuPA General Council, where each nominee is invited to very briefly (one minute) introduce themselves (13h00-17h00). Voting takes place online during the meeting. Best Regards, Prof. Dr. Rainer Bischoff EuPA Elections Chair

The Young Proteomics Investigators Club (YPIC)
YPIC was initiated by the EuPA to favour the networking of young European scientists in proteomics. More info here.
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NPS is part of the National network of Advanced Proteomics Infrastructure (NAPI)

NAPI partners include proteomics core facilities in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø and Ås, as well as research groups with a strong focus on proteomics technology development. NAPI therefore combines the proteomics expertise available across Norway, streamlining collaborations, accelerating the development of new techniques, and providing researchers in Norway with access to cutting edge proteomics technology.

NAPI officially launched in 2020. On their webpages you can learn more about NAPI and its current activities, including the broad range of techniques that can be provided as services to researchers interested in performing proteomic analyses.

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to schools and courses

NPS supports the European Summerschool in Brixen

NPS can cover the participation fee to the Brixen Summerschool.
The 15th  European Summerschool in “Advanced Proteomics” will be July 30th – August 5th, 2023 in Kloster Neustift, Brixen/Bressanone, South Tyrol, Italy. Registration and abstract submission is already possible, and with a deadline on May 15th 2023. See more info here. If you would like to apply for a fellowship, please contact us as soon as possible.

Other schools or courses

NPS will promote the education of young proteomics researchers by supporting travel or participation fees for students to relevant summerschools / courses / workshops. For example the MaxQuant summerschool or EuBIC winterschool.

For either of the above, please send an email to with information about the (relevance of the) course, your background, and your motivation. Two students will be selected by NPS per year to receive an award.


  • Magnus Øverlie Arntzen (NMBU), president

  • Frode Selheim (PROBE, UiB), treasurer

  • Bernd Thiede (IBV, UiO)

  • Jack-Ansgar Bruun (UiT)

  • Jan Haug Anonsen (NORCE)

  • Lars Hagen (NTNU)

  • Ingrid Maria Ekman Stensland (PCF, OUH, UiO)

  • Thea Os Andersen (NMBU), student representative

For enquires to NPS, please contact the president

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