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Welcome to the Norwegian Proteomics Society 

The Norwegian Proteomics Society (NPS) is an organization for researchers in Norway with interest in proteomics. NPS shall work towards promoting and stimulating proteomics research and education, as well as enhancing collaboration between the proteomics researchers in Norway. NPS also collaborate with similar societies in other countries. 
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Nordic Proteomics meeting
In the fall of 2023 we encourage all NPS members to come together for a Nordic meeting on proteomics. This will be arranged in Lund, Sweden. More info will come later.
News from the European Proteomics Association (EuPA)

02.02.23: EuPA is again taking an initiative to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February). The idea this year is to do a 'paper ball' video (see example below): Importantly, both men and women are free to participate! DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION : 8 February 2023 The writing on the paper should be a word or short (!) phrase that gives your answer to the question: "Why does science need more women?" To allow seamless editing, clips should be in landscape format, and (from the camera's point of view) the ball will be received from the right, and should be thrown to the left. Info and submission of your video via this form: Up to you to go crazy and creative around this concept, and to write something meaningful, of course! Thanks in advance for contributing! On behalf of the EuPA EC, Cheers, lnnrt.

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NPS is part of the National network of Advanced Proteomics Infrastructure (NAPI)

NAPI partners include proteomics core facilities in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø and Ås, as well as research groups with a strong focus on proteomics technology development. NAPI therefore combines the proteomics expertise available across Norway, streamlining collaborations, accelerating the development of new techniques, and providing researchers in Norway with access to cutting edge proteomics technology.

NAPI officially launched in 2020. On their webpages you can learn more about NAPI and its current activities, including the broad range of techniques that can be provided as services to researchers interested in performing proteomic analyses.

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NPS supports the European Summerschool in Brixen

The 14th  European Summerschool in “Advanced Proteomics”, July 31th – August 6th, 2022 Brixen/Bressanone, South Tyrol, Italy

If you are interested in joining this Summerschool, please send an email to with information about your background and motivation. Two students from Norway submitting a motivation letter will be selected by NPS and the participation fee will be covered.


  • Magnus Øverlie Arntzen (NMBU), president

  • Frode Selheim (PROBE, UiB), treasurer

  • Bernd Thiede (IBV, UiO)

  • Jack-Ansgar Bruun (UiT)

  • Jan Haug Anonsen (NORCE)

  • Lars Hagen (NTNU)

  • Ingrid Maria Ekman Stensland (PCF, OUH, UiO)

  • Thea Os Andersen (NMBU), student representative

For enquires to NPS, please contact the president

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